Psicóloga para Niños en Marbella

Child Psychology Consultation

Just like adults, children also face different difficulties or problems throughout their childhood. Personally, I love it when children are brought in for consultation, as they learn like sponges how to be problem solvers quickly, acquiring tools that can accompany them for the rest of their lives. And in this way, there will also be an obvious relief for parents, who sometimes feel unable to deal with certain situations and need the support of a child psychologist.

How do I know if my child needs a psychologist?

Sometimes it is obvious that your child may need help, and you will have no doubt. But other times, the question arises: “Does my child need a psychologist?” If you are wondering, I encourage you to at least come to a session for personal counselling. Write to me via Whatsapp for any questions you may have.


“Child psychology deals with the study of children’s behaviour, from birth to adolescence”.

How are Child Clinical Psychology consultations carried out?


This is the first thing we will do, to assess the case, to have a clear vision of the situation from the outside. To do this, the people responsible for the child will come to the first session, and we will gather all the information that contextualizes the problem to be dealt with.

Guidance and/or counselling

In this phase I will help you to manage the situation from your position, we will look at different strategies for the child’s improvement, depending on the case. In some cases, it is not even necessary for your child to come to a consultation.


In this phase, the relevant treatment is carried out to reach the desired objectives discussed in the previous phase with the parents. It is usually done in consultation with the child, and sometimes it may be necessary to ask for the collaboration of teachers or people in contact with the child.


We will ensure that the achieved goals are maintained over time, where you can always be in contact with me.

Get an appointment

Indicate your contact information and I will answer you as soon as possible. Remember that we can also talk by phone or WhatsApp.


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    Topics most treated in Child Psychology consultation

    • Behavior Problems
    • Learning difficulty
    • ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity)
    • Social Skills Deficit
    • Fears and Phobias
    • Grief for separation of parents
    • Parental alienation
    • Loss of a loved one
    • School and Family Guidance
    • Family therapy
    • Tics 
    • Anxiety disorder
    • Academic support
    • Reading and writing disorders (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysorthography)
    • Childhood Post 
    • Traumatic Stress
    • Childhood insomnia
    • Childish jealousy
    • Eating disorder
    • Childhood depression
    • Autistic disorder
    • Asperger syndrome