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For whom is Couples Therapy?

Couples Therapy is aimed at all those couples who are going through a difficult time in their relationship, or who simply want to improve certain aspects of it, who want to improve as a team, grow together, and benefit from this bond.

What does Couples Therapy consist of?

It is very common for a couple to have a conflict that is difficult to resolve from within, and the healthiest thing to do is for a specialist to work on it from the outside, in an objective, impartial way, and always looking for the well-being of both members, both as a couple and independently.

de una forma objetiva, imparcial, y siempre buscando el bienestar de los dos miembros, tanto como pareja, como de forma independiente.

The phases of Couples Therapy in consultation are:

They are adapted according to the case and according to the objectives that the couple is looking for, but in general they are the following:

  • Assessment (both of the couple’s relationship and of each of its components individually).
  • Detection of problems (both of the couple’s relationship and of each of its components individually).
  • Strengths or positives aspects (both of the couple’s relationship and of each of its components individually).
  • Search for solutions (usually a combination of different strategies specific to each case, together with the work on managing thoughts and emotions typical of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, cohesion between the two, understanding, tools, etc.).
  • Maintenance and relapse prevention (once the expected results have been achieved and the relationship between the two partners has improved, we will try to ensure that this is maintained, and that the relationship is stronger and more solid, in order to prevent possible future conflicts and relapses).

Most common reasons for attending Couples Therapy

  • Ongoing arguments 
  • Family conflicts (in-laws, parents, children…) 
  • Exaggerated control 
  • Jealousy 
  • Problems in sexual relations 
  • Infidelity 
  • Last chance situations 
  • Mistrust 
  • Doubts

Do you feel identified with any of these phrases?

  • “We don’t understand each other anymore 
  • “We spend all day arguing 
  • “We don’t look eye to eye ” 
  • “I don’t enjoy being intimate with my partner” ” I don’t feel that he/she is attracted to me ” ” I don’t like my partner ” 
  • “I feel that he/she is not attracted to me ” 
  • “My partner has been unfaithful ” 
  • “I find it hard to forgive him/her ” 
  • “I can’t stand him any more ” 
  • “We do not share leisure time ” 
  • “We have burnt-out as a couple ” 
  • “We don’t feel like being together ” 
  • “I don’t know what’s wrong with my partner, he/she seems strange ” 
  • “My partner doesn’t respect a request ” 
  • “I don’t believe him/her anymore ” 
  • “He has promised me a thousand times that he is going to change, but he never does”. 
  • “My partner is irresponsible” 
  • “We have fallen into a routine, I’m bored.” 
  • “I don’t know if I love him ” 
  • “My partner doesn’t know if he wants to stay with me or not”. 
  • “We have given each other time ” 
  • “Neither with you nor without you ” 
  • “My partner is very jealous ” 
  • “My partner doesn’t like me to make plans on my own”. 
  • “I feel I don’t know him/her ” 
  • “My partner does not understand me ” 
  • “He doesn’t pay attention to me ” 
  • “His family affects our relationship ” 
  • “The burden of our children falls on me ” 
  • “I don’t understand why he does certain things ” 
  • “My partner has an addiction” 
  • “My partner is very aggressive ” 
  • “We want to be well, but it’s impossible ” 
  • “I am not sure if I want to stay with him/her ” 
  • ” My partner is very aggressive ” 
  • “My partner is depressed ” 
  • “My partner suffers from anxiety ” 
  • “He/she pays more attention to work than to me ” 
  • “I don’t like the way he/she manages the family finances ” 
  • “My partner is a lazy person ” 
  • “I don’t like his or her friends ” 
  • “I don’t like his or her hobbies ” 
  • “I am emotionally dependent ” 
  • “I am with him/her out of pity ” 
  • “I would like my partner to be more cooperative at home ” 
  • ” I would like my partner to express what he/she likes ” 
  • “I would like my partner to express what is going on with him/her ” 
  • ” My partner does things I do not understand ” 
  • “My partner does things I don’t understand ” 
  • “I feel lonely with my partner “

Frequently Asked Questions

My partner doesn’t want to do Couples Therapy, what should I do?

Ideally, both of you would like to, but if this is not the case, write to me via WhatsApp, and we can find a solution between you and me.


How long do the sessions last?

The sessions last approximately one hour.


How long is it advisable to do Couples Therapy?

This will depend on the case, and the effort you put into it.

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